Our Recent Projects

Squarespace Sites 

We LOVE Squarespace! Our clients do too.  It's just so easy... This new content management system allows us to create beautiful clean websites in a fraction of the cost and time as our more complex platforms. This can cut the development time for our clients from months to a few days, and the best part is, our clients have full control of their website afterwards. No more developer hosting fees, no more paying for small edits, no more fuss! Take a look at a few of our most recent projects. 

Honu House Hawaii

One of our recent projects. Honu House Hawaii utilized our hassle free full web development package. Honu House Hawaii relied on our team to write their content, take professional photos, and create their logo/custom web elements. Total development time - 7 business days!

Regis Electric

How easy was this for Regis Electric? They called us with a old dated website in need of some serious modernization. Within 24 hours we had their site updated and mobile responsive, a few edits later and we were live! One of our first sites to utilize video headers, check out the cool effect!

Fish Hawaii

Content, design, and copy oh my! Fish Hawaii contacted us in need of a new site and we were able to make the process pain free. We went in and developed all of their content, provided photography, and managed all their technical issues. All they did was give us a call and we handled the rest. 



When customization is a priority there is no better choice than using Wordpress. Two Finch Design and Marketing uses Wordpress for more complex platforms where sales, SEO, and additional functionality is paramount. These sites take time to develop but are limitless in their versatility. The end result is a beautiful optimized platform that can host a variety of marketing and sales possibilities. Two Finch partners with local developer Nick Ponte to create some of the most impressive websites in Hawaii.


Luxury Maui

When you get a call from the best luxury management companies in Hawaii, you know you have to build a beautiful website. Luxury Maui needed a elegant ascetic and clean presentation. This single page site uses the latest in Wordpress functionality and gorgeous imagery to bring to life one of the best real estate sites in Hawaii.  


Charge $5,000.00 dollars a night and a gorgeous website isn't a luxury, it's a necessity. The Wailea Inn needed a stylish and modern site with huge galleries showcasing their tropical estates. On top of that, they needed a hassle free booking system to keep those rooms filled. Nick and his team delivered in spades with this wonderful marketing platform. 

Krank Cycles 

Krank Cycles had a problem... they needed clearly communicate what they do while providing clients with a online platform to rent their cycles. Working with our developers has given this local business the ability Krank out the rentals. Check out there automated booking system and clear messaging. 

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