The Age of Vertical Screens

Intelligently Designing Mobile-Friendly Websites
Statistics now show that internet users spend significantly more time accessing websites via mobile devices (also known as ‘vertical screens’) than
traditional desktop devices. The ability of your website to maintain elegance, style, and fluidity, regardless of which type of device is being used to access it, is imperative. 
Here are just a few of things our web developer at Two Finch Design and Marketing takes into consideration when creating a versatile layout for your website:

Navigation Structure

Technology is amazing. There are so many bells and whistles that can be added to a website to give it glits and glam. But in the world of website development, where we want to make the experience as user-friendly as possible, are those flashy details necessary? Not only can they be unnecessary, but their complexity can actually take away from the mobile user’s ability to navigate your site efficiently.

Portrait and Landscape

All of the angles of your website must be taken into consideration during the design stage. Whether the screen being used is vertical or horizontal, the website needs to fit with ease on either orientation.

Mobile Specific Sites

Some companies prefer to give mobile users the option to access a website that was created specifically for mobile devices. While that may have been useful at one time, it is quickly becoming unnecessary. It requires the user to click on a “mobile version” link, and then wait for the second site to load. According to research, adults are currently carrying an 8-second attention span. Yah. That probably got used up right around the time the user was reading the prompt to continue to the mobile friendly site, and now they are long gone.

Oh no...look how sad she is. She really wanted to see your website, but...

Unsupported Content

It’s fairly common, and unfortunate, that web developers make the mistake of including content that only works with a desktop. The last thing we want to do when reaching out to a potential customer is annoy them with pop-up boxes telling them they can’t view your site. We make sure to avoid using outdated or non-synergistic technologies and softwares so that every person who views your site, mobile or otherwise, can find what they are looking for.