Website Versatility

PCs, and Smartphones, and Notebooks, Oh My!


We aren’t in Kansas, anymore, Toto.

We are living in a world where we can access the internet from a large number of devices, the screen sizes of which range from the square inch of a watch face to the pull down movie screen in your friend’s home theater. While this is exciting for the user, it may pose a problem for the layout of your company’s website.

Have you ever been surfing the internet on your smartphone or Ipad, only to come across websites that are clunky and don’t fit your screen properly? Or maybe the text obviously doesn’t translate the way it should, reading out like a website you might have seen circa 1991? What about a site that simply won’t load at all, or asks you to download programs just so you can enter?

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Any one of these glitches can cause a consumer to automatically hit the “back” button, forever abandoning your site, and thereby the opportunity to connect with what you are offering. The current average attention span of adults is 8 seconds. If they have to wait for a site to load, or are asked to download something, that 8 seconds has already been used up, and they will be heading to the next site, one that might have a beautiful, user-friendly mobile friendly layout waiting to greet them.

Two Finch Design and Marketing, based out of Kona, Hawai’i, employs a full time web developer to address this exact issue. Nick Ponte makes a point of staying up-to-date on the constantly changing world of responsive web design patterns. These patterns, with concepts like ‘fluidity’, ‘column drop’ and ‘layout shift’, are evolving at a quick rate, making professional web developers like Nick an invaluable tool in your website’s ability to compete in the modern marketplace.