We're different...

Where other developers rely heavily on their clients to do the work, Two Finch's team of experts builds content for our clients.

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How can we help?

Are you a small or medium sized business owner that is short on time and resources when it comes promoting your brand? Do you feel like you should be doing more to increase the size of your digital footprint, and getting the attention of your target audience? We can help. 

Think of Two Finch as your own personal marketing department with every team member hand selected for their expertise. We coordinate this team and report back to you in a straightforward, concise manner. From building a solid web presence, arming your sales staff with powerful strategy and materials, and monitoring your ROI in real time, we take a comprehensive approach. In essence, partnering with us means you focus on your business, and we handle the rest. 

Your Team

Brady Simmons - Creative
Handling the creative director role of the organization, Brady manages and directs the team.

Curry Buck - Projects Manager
When projects have multiple facets, Curry provides our teams support in task management and organization. 

Nick Ponte - Web Master / Digital Marketing Coordinator
Nick manages a team of his own developers. His vast knowledge of web based applications and coding make him an invaluable asset to our organization. 

Brian Williams - Graphic Design
Specializing in print media and publications, Brian's eye for compositions and color harmony are second to none. 

John Davey - Organizational Development / Business Consulting
Some businesses need help. John's specializes in developing startups and streamlining their systems. 

Emily Farhoodi - Copy
Aka, the wordsmith. Emily's ability to simplify and refine content ensures our messages stay on point.


Why Two Finch?


When you partner with us, we guarantee you’ll experience the freedom that is more time. More time to focus on your business. More time for your customers. More time for your passion, and the reason you got started in the first place. 

What’s our passion? Creative design and marketing that gets results. Helping businesses build their brand and create a digital footprint that speaks to their ideal audience. Your growth is what drives us, and inspires us. 

Ready to start growing your brand? Let’s connect.